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Transporter 2


You don't need to watch the first one to enjoy this fine film.  Mr Negative's english accent is something special too...



I don't know what to say...


Cagney or Lacey is in this.  Still not sure which one...

Wild Things

This one's dirty and confusing all at the same time.  Cmon Kevin Bacon...    Did you really need to show us your junk?

Staying Alive

 Bee Gees and Travolta... A groovy combination.


I'll be back!

not again Danielson .... Hai ....

300 Mp3 laughtrack

yes, Gerald Butler is a tool...

More Sly and a cliff...great idea

Long night for Bruce ... Featuring Waddworld


Michael Douglas... Will you ever win?

Cobra Mp3 laughtrack


Sly trying some lame one liners and nitrous oxide... nice

  Get ready for some more Travolta...

  Place your bets on the Govenator to get through this one ...

  Richard Crenna and Stallone...comedy city. Featuring basilfilm.

  Where's dry land?  Featuring Rob

  Vampire madness with the two Corey's... A can't miss!

Dr. Richard Kimball

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